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Spiritual formation, growing as a Christian, learning to serve, connecting to church and building community are all difficult things to quantify. This is simply how we map out a path for people to participate in all of the above. Each component builds on and overlaps with the other. We grow (become) as we serve (be used); we connect with others (belong) while in a Bible study (become). Don’t wait. Get started on the journey of life transformation called belong, become, and be used.



Kingsway is filled with people of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. We love it that people wear three-piece suits, or jeans and flip flops, and both feel at home. That lovers of hymns and organs worship with lovers of choruses and electric guitars. Our worship is passionate, contemporary, and deep—on purpose. We’re not looking to be slick or over- produced. We love God and we want it to show in all we do. Our preaching is relevant, applicable to life, and most importantly, rooted in the Scripture because no one is perfect and all of us need grace. Everyone is welcome and all of us can belong in His Church.


Belonging doesn’t happen overnight. It definitely takes time. However, at Kingsway, we want people to feel welcome from the moment they walk through our doors. When you step into one of our services, we want you to sigh with relief, knowing that you’ve come home. We want you to belong here because we are all in this together. Regardless of our past, our experiences or our goals, we all are human and all in need of love and acceptance. Kingsway is a place where people are real; genuinely enjoying each other, life and all that the church should be.

This is how we belong:

Weekend Services


Gather every Sunday for one of four weekend services: the 9am, 10:30am, 12Noon, and 5pm. Inspiring worship, biblical teaching, making friends and having fun are all part of how adults take the first step to belong at Kingsway.


The primary place for our kids to belong is in Kid’s Way, meeting each Sunday during any of the adult service times. Worship, activities, games, and learning about Jesus in age-appropriate environments help our kids belong.


REVO Youth Church provides a place to belong for students in six through twelfth grades that is distinctly their own. REVO (6th-12th grade) meets every Friday at 7:30pm.

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Many people see church as an event to attend or a place to go. At Kingsway, we believe that the church is a people who live, love, laugh, play, and serve together—all for the sake of honoring Him and loving our world like Jesus does. Groups at Kingsway are where we invite you to become: to grow in your relationship with Christ while developing relationships with others. It’s so important—we think EVERYONE should be in a group!


We recognize that we grow most effectively in the context of community - where we are known and know others. That’s why growth, not community, is the goal for each group. We will intentionally structure our groups to cultivate an environment of community that maximizes your opportunity for growth, whether you are a rookie or veteran Christian.


Life is busy. Groups shouldn’t complicate life; they should add value to your life. Your group should be accessible, fun, meaningful and so impacting that you absolutely can’t miss it. You love your group, so you go to group! It’s that simple.


Because we are committed to reaching the 1%, we have to structure life groups to grow with our church. We can’t facilitate every group meeting in our building. More and more groups will meet in homes or in places throughout the community. As more people join the Kingsway family, this will be the way we make sure there is room for them in a group!

This how we grow at Kingsway:



Connect, Focus and Care Groups provide multiple environments for adults to take one step closer to God while developing meaningful relationships with others.

Find an adult group.→


Dive Club is the small group environment for kids, Kindergarten through 5th grade. Energetic worship, games, and break-out sessions for boys and girls help them to grow in their relationship with God. For more information on Dive Club, click here. [Link should go to section on kids page, labeled Dive Club].

Find more information about Dive Club.→


The primary small group for teenagers is actually a part of REVO Youth Church (6th-12th grade) which meets every Friday at 7:30pm and provides age specific teaching. For more info, go to

Find more info about REVO groups→

Be Used


In the world, “being used” is a negative. No one wants to be used because it means being duped, taken advantage of, or abused. In the church, being used is the exact opposite. It is one of the ways we most closely resemble Jesus. He came, not as the King to be served, but as a servant. He poured out His life, so that we could have abundant life. So, when we serve - when we are being used - giving of ourselves for the sake of others, something deeply spiritual happens. Our motives, attitudes, character and behavior align with that of Jesus. We can only grow so far without following Jesus’ example as a servant. At Kingsway, we call every single person, without exception, to serve. To give freely of our talents, abilities, energy, time and yes, even our money for His sake and for the sake of those who have not yet heard the Gospel.




New to Kingsway? Check out a K1 Volunteer Team.

Attending for a while, but still finding your place? Join a K2 Volunteer Team

Looking to take the next step in serving? Apply for a K3 Volunteer Team.

Find a K1,K2 or K3 team.→


Special events, in the K1 level of teams, are a great place for kids to serve, alongside of their parents. They get the double benefit of actually serving and seeing adults model service.

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We love it that many of our teens are already serve throughout our church and for special events.

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