Kingsway Church


Kingsway is a group of people from all walks of life who have experienced the love of Jesus Christ. We gather every week to worship God and hear the truth of the Bible taught in a compelling, challenging way. We are committed to helping people find & follow Jesus.

the culture of kingsway

Here are 10 convictions that shape our culture at Kingsway:

Jesus Builds His Church Through Us

Our participation comes from a posture of humility and reliance on Him, knowing that He gets all the credit.

Everyone on Mission

We are all missionaries. How? "God has given us this task of reconciling people to Him." Everyday, ordinary life, as a follower of Christ, is mission.

Lone Rangers Beware

Going it alone is dangerous. We are unashamed in our commitment to cultivate community in our small groups. We want everyone to "Get in a Group!"

Get in the Game

We are most like Jesus when we serve. Serving isn't about what Kingsway wants from you but about what God wants for you. We ask everyone to get in the game by being on a team.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Everything we have belongs to God. We must live as wise stewards of all that has been entrusted to us. We give generously because God has given so much to us.

Message 1st - Method 2nd

We have a consistent message: the Gospel of Jesus Christ; yet, we will employ changing methods to share this message with as many people as possible.

Growing People Have Growing Influence

We believe that everything healthy grows and growing churches are full of growing people. We will help people grow in their faith, leadership and the giftings God has given them.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our mission is from Jesus so we will do whatever it takes to fulfill it with diligence and determination. When it is time to celebrate what God is doing, we believe celebration is sacred and necessary.

Playing It Safe Is Risky

Balancing God-given wisdom with God-given faith, we will expect great things from God and attempt great things for Him.

Change Is the Only Constant

Unwillingness to change can paralyze an organization in its ability to accomplish mission. We want to be open to change, whenever it's needed, so that we can remain effective in fulfilling the mission God has given us.

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